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The Day of Birth Shows Your Talents for Success.

The Day of Birth Shows Your Talents for Success.

Your Birthday  indicates one or more special talents that will serve you on your journey through life. You can accentuate your positive traits and minimize or even eliminate negative traits. 

This number gives you instant information about anyone's natural disposition, their way of being and trends. This Birth Code shows your soul.

You can also look at which professions you can use these trends and skills and vital energy that you possess.

Look below for your Birth Day Number and start following the recommended steps to achieve success and prosperity in your life.


Birth 1 – 10 - 19 - 28

Energetic and creative, he is an inventor and pioneer. Economic improvement is associated with investing money or effort in businesses and industries that favor the progress of the arts and sciences. 

You will be a successful person in positions that require the ability to convince, ability to create, and arrangements to influence others. You should be minded that living beyond your means can cause certain risks.

Birth 2 - 11 - 20 - 29

You like partnership, teamwork and harmony. Your considerate, sensitive, and cooperative and enjoy an aesthetic lifestyle. For this vibration finances are only a means to an end, in many cases they will have to make supreme efforts to achieve them. 

Occupations and investments that require more mental than physical efforts are the most conducive to economic improvements and are also conducive to a relatively happy existence. It usually exceeds their expenses to please those around them but not for themselves.

Birth 3 - 12 - 21 -30

Recognized for your creativity, good sense of humor, and ability with words, you enthusiastic, friendly, and fun, with a childish spirit. Ambitions and skills to realize finances, it can be said that they will progressively advance in any activity to which they are dedicated. 

It must be against any tendency to love much and soon and to love it without regard to the power of those who dispute it. They have a hard time keeping the money and adjusting to the budget.

Birth 4 –13 – 22 - 31

You have a strong desire for security and want to build solid foundations to secure your future. You trustworthy, honest, self-disciplined, and fair, with a streak of practicality. Planner and tidy, prudent and forward-looking in his life, he has a great capacity to make money and profit from him. 

In negative, it has the same quality to perish everything; both on unforeseen roads and where he least waits. Tactfully and organize the triumph will be assured.

Birth 5 - 14 - 23

You're not always patient, making freedom a necessity for you. Thought forward, you witty, curious, and quick in everything you do. The excessive versatility of the 5 prevents you from knowing how it's going to go, as money isn't your main motivation. The one produced by your effort may not enjoy it for a long time, although as a rule it will not suffer from scarcity. 

They can invest all their flow in bold operations. The means that can contribute to improving your economy will be tact and diplomacy.

Birth 6 - 15 - 24

You are an artistic, magnetic and idealistic person, with a enjoyment of comfort and quality. Your humanist nature can attract whatever you want in life. Within this vibration there are two kinds of people. Some are quick in action, take advantage of opportunities without showing interest in accumulating the fruits although sometimes they lack an interest in taking advantage of them. Other people are slow to act, not ambitious, and it's rare for them to get in debt. 

However, both may see their economy intervened by influences from people the opposite sex sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The most conducive activities of this vibration are those that contribute to the comfort of home life and individual artistic progress.

Birth 7 - 16 - 25

You can take some time to make a decision, but it's because you don't like to be wrong. Nature restores and rejuvenates you. He's interested in having enough money to live on, they don't brag about him, and they're not interested in treasure.  There are two things that are of paramount importance in the subject's economy: alliances and political and religious ideas. 

It is likely that the former will give him an advantageous marriage but sometimes with more bitterness than pleasures. The latter, they can give you a certain degree of popularity and prosperity. You can follow the path of your spirituality.

Birth 8 - 17 - 26

They need to be the boss in most areas of their lives and have an authorized air. Ambitious, capable and confident, you are a person driven by success and material safety. They are characterized by ambition for power and fortune and achievement will depend on the management of their skills. The laborious and slow effort, the accumulation of small securities, the investments that depend on savings are the means conducive to achieving it. 

Positions of responsibility, everything that is done by reflecting and analyzing can contribute to creating fortune; speculation and hasty decisions are not favored.

Birth 9 - 18 - 27

You are a very broad-minded person in your thinking and concern for world fairs and politics. It also has the ability to understand people from divergent cultures and customs. Modest and moderate in nature this vibration aspires to a simple and simple life. 

If he receives money for inheritance, he'll be assigned to humanitarian service. In the person there is more interest in exercising the power to grant money than in enjoying the things he provides. Positions of authority and professional work are the most appropriate; in both cases it is likely that values of consideration will pass through their hands, the last few years are not prosperous, not only in profits, but in preserving what has been acquired. You must learn to be forward-looking, for capacity is not lacking.

Yosef Ben Marques
 Cabalistic numerologue ©2019
Kabbalah Numerologist

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