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Learn Pythagorean Astro Numerology and Tarot Rider-Waite Reading through online courses with digital certificate

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    Through our courses we open your mind so that you know yourself, enhancing your talents and controlling your weaknesses, showing you where to direct your destiny. We take you step by step to do everything you need to do in your life to achieve the level you need to reach.

    Learn how to find love, inner peace and full personal fulfilment through positive vibrations, the Sciences of Prediction: Pythagorean Astro Numerology, Tarot Rider-Waite Reading, Practical Palmistry and Holistic Therapies creates abundance and fulfilment in your life always!

Esoteric Online Courses with Certificate

   Become a professional numerologist or Tarot Reader. Reach your full potential and dreams today with the best and most comprehensive online esoteric courses from Coaching Lamed and the Advance Center for Predictive Studies. Astro numerology chart helps you to improve your interpersonal relationships. You can evaluate other people's Astro numerology charts to obtain a deeper understanding of them, just as you can gain a better understanding of yourself.

With practical examples, step by step

Courses of  Astronumerology        and Tarot Rider Reading 

Complete, simple and practical esoteric courses.   More than 15 to 17 explanatory videos in each subject and you can communicate by zoom or skype with your instructor to clarify the lessons or questions you have. 

Access 24 hours, 365 days a year to all the information, in addition to receiving PDF Guides with detailed explanations. Support material and Certificate. 

Only $13,99 each one 

  Online Course  Astro Numerology 

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Pythagorean Astro Numerology,  Tarot Rider-Waite Reading,  online courses with digital certificate

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