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Start discovering the fate you deserve with CoachingLamed11.com.

    Your job is to build a great life for you and yours. Our job at CoachingLamed11 is to help you connect with your best product: you. 

Through our courses and consultations we open your mind so that you know each other, enhancing your talents and controlling your weaknesses, showing you where to direct your destination. We take you step by step to do everything you need to do in your life through Kabbalah Numerology. 

Learn how to find love, inner peace and full personal fulfilment through numerology, kabbala and the law of attraction creating abundance and fullness in your life always!

Advance Center for Predictive Studies

   Coaching Lamed 11 is the Advance Center for Predict Studies (ACPS) website. 

ACPS is an institution that studies the Sciences of Prediction: Cabalistic Numerology, Chiromancy and other Prediction Sciences and as the vibrations of the letters that make up the personal names, the day on which it was born and the sum of the individual date of birth of each influence the predestination, life and behaviour of people.


    What began as the Alef Centre (1994) and Advanced Centre for Predictive Studies (1995 -Caracas) became "Coaching Lamed 11" (2015). 

More than 25 years expanding these knowledges in personal, group and online consultations, exhibitions and courses on three continents.

  We have taught courses in Cabalistic Numerology, Hand Reading, Jewish Cabala, Gematria, Positivist Thinking - Minimalist and the Law of Attraction, since 1994. 

We have certified more than 4000 people over the years, and more than 5000 Astro-Numerology Reports touching the lives of thousands of people in the United States, Latin America and Europe. 

Our headquarters are located in Quarteira, Portugal and Caracas, Venezuela 
   May the Creator of the Universe fill you with blessings in your life, relationships, and fill you with financial abundance in all that you undertake!


"I totally agree with everything taught here. Every day I am more delighted with your course, I congratulate you for creating it". Reyna

"Thank you so much. I love the course" Lidia

"Receive my infinite recognition and immense gratitude for your help and mention." Gabriela

Founder Yosef,  Astro Numerologer

       Yosef Marques is a noted speaker, teacher and writer who has studied numerology for more than 30 years. He is also a Spiritual Advisor in Coaching and Life Projects. 

Yosef offers personal readings, workshops and seminars to clients around the world, teaching the magic of vibrations in the universe through Numerology, Palmistry and Kabbalah and how to couple them with the universe and its Creator for a new horizon of peace, abundance and fullness. 

Mr. Marquez is an entrepreneur who lives in Portugal and works with his wife to travel and study Torah. He's a lover of chocolate Frappuccino. 

Yosef holds a Bachelor's Degree in Pastoral Care, a Superior Technician in Theology, a Certified Spiritual Guide, a Tree of Life Kabbalistic Specialist, a Certified Kabbalistic Numerologist, a Metaphysical, a Specialist in Aura and Chakra Balancing and a Silva Mind Control Coach. I study courses in Hebrew, Greek, Sacred Geometry, Jewish Mysticism and Judaism.  Yosef is a member of World Metaphysical Association. Founder of the Advance Center for Predictive Studies.

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Directory of Graduate Professionals of Cabalistic Numerology 2021 by ACPS

(Many of our graduates specialize in other branches of the hidden, get in touch for individual fees.)
(Muchos de nuestros graduados se especializan en otras ramas de lo oculto, ponganse en contacto para honorarios individuales).

Enny Avendaño     (Venezuela)  Numerologa Cabalistica

Andres Vargas      (Chile)   Numerologo Cabalistica          

Gabriela Grace     (Australia) Numerologa Cabalistica, Aromaterapia y Sanación     

Daivis Castro       (Venezuela) Numerologo Cabalistica, Sanación Espiritual  

Eilin Perez           (Venezuela) Numerologa Cabalistica, Sanación Espiritual  

Elsie Corredor      (Venezuela)  Numerologa Cabalistica

Josefa SenLuis     (Venezuela)  Numerologa Cabalistica

Helena Vinhal      (España) Numerologa Cabalistica

Reyna  Fermin     (Republica Dominicana)  Numerologa Cabalistica

Lidia M. Gonzalez  (Reino Unido) Numerologa Cabalística

Muchos mas en progreso...

Coaching Mistico Lamed
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Many more in progress ...

Coaching Lamed 11
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Notice: Each customer's query/calendar is subject to the customer's own personal interpretation. The information provided only constitutes trends NOT constitutes legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Therefore, each customer who receives the query/calendar is responsible for their own choices and actions. 

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